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Eagle Business Academy

The Eagle Business Academy is a four-year academic pathway that addresses college and career readiness skills. Students will gain knowledge in the business field of study and cover all high school prerequisites for acceptance into competitive post secondary institutions. Graduates will leave prepared to commit to business as developed leaders in the ever-changing global economy.

This program empowers students in the development of  key skills including critical thinking, problem solving, research, reading, writing, speaking, presenting,  teamwork,  analyzing, reasoning, negotiating, and questioning. The rigorous courses will enable students to apply these skills while identifying how the material connects to other academic disciplines. ​Students will learn about roles, responsibilities and career paths of specific professions. This includes exposure to careers both in the classroom and through workplace visits. 

DECA students wearing hard hats
students at a seminar
Eagle Business Academy Winners

Year-by-Year Overview

Freshman Year

  • DECA participation recommended

Sophomore Year

  • ​DECA participation required

  • Business Academy Intro to Business class

  • Speaker Series

Junior Year

  • 1 Business Elective
  • DECA participation required

Senior Year

  • 2 Business Electives
  • Senior Capstone Project
  • DECA participation required

Course Offerings

Bishop Shanahan's Eagle Business Academy Announces Partnership with University of Delaware's EntreX Lab Dual Enrollment Program

Horn Entrepreneurship's EntreX Lab dual enrollment program equips students to thrive amidst rapid change by cultivating agile thinking and developing their creative problem-solving skillsets. Through the EntreX Lab program, the University of Delaware will partner directly with Bishop Shanahan High School to create a real-world entrepreneurship lab, while offering students the opportunity to earn college credit. The proprietary curriculum highlights the development of the skills needed to identify new opportunities and solve real-world problems. It also fosters the development of the entrepreneurial mindset and an understanding of the process used to put ideas into action.


  • Introduction to Business
  • Finance
  • Accounting Dual Enrollment
  • Entrepreneurship Dual Enrollment
  • Marketing
  • International Business
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • ​Sports Management
  • ​Computer Programming
  • Public Speaking
  • ​Senior Year Capstone
  • Behavior Economics
  • Business Economics

Mission Statement

The BSHS Business Academy strives to empower students to become innovative leaders equipped to pursue careers and future study in business, solve real world problems, and inspire them to entrepreneurship rooted in ethical decision making directed towards social justice. The BSHS Eagle Business Academy is committed to providing a challenging business program, with a focus on entrepreneurship, finance, ethics, technology, and community responsibility, and a model for lifelong learning in a continuously global environment.