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Faculty Feature Series

Faculty Feature Series

Bishop Shanahan High School's faculty members are committed to sustaining excellence, and providing a strong spiritual life, along with challenging academic and rich extracurricular programs. Here you will learn more about our faculty and their many accomplishments! 

Mr. Nicholas Ireland

Faculty Feature Series: Meet Social Studies Faculty Member Mr. Nicholas Ireland

My passion for social studies and my understanding of the importance of good teachers led me to pursue a career in education. When I was in grade school, I had an amazing teacher who showed me the positive impact that teachers....

Ms. Mary Beth Kilpatrick

Faculty Feature Series: Meet Theology Faculty Member Mrs. Mary Beth Kilpatrick

I had a few really awesome teachers when I was a student at Shanahan. Their joy and enthusiasm inspired me to become a teacher. I also really took on my faith while I was a student, and I started to have a desire to come back and teach...

Mr. Ken Schmidt

Faculty Feature Series: Meet English Language Arts Faculty Member Mr. Ken Schmidt

I made the decision to be a teacher while still in high school. I saw it as my opportunity to spread kindness and compassion to others, and as a means to model the behaviors we want to see in the world to the younger generation....

Ms. Stephanie Belefonte

Faculty Feature Series: Meet English Language Arts Faculty Member Ms. Stephanie Belefonte

I try to connect everything we read with real world experiences. This hopefully leaves a lasting connection in students' minds. For instance, my Honors Freshmen read “Ground Zero." I wanted them to have a true sense of what happened in our country on 9/11 and what life is like in...

Mr. Brett Weinhardt

Faculty Feature Series: Meet Social Studies Faculty Member Mr. Brett Weinhardt '06

I did not want to work in an office, so I followed my interests in social studies and history into teaching. Since I had good social studies teachers, I decided that I wanted to bring that same enthusiasm back to the students. It is rewarding seeing them graduate and make their way in the world.

Mrs. MaryAnn Thompson

Faculty Feature Series: Meet Fine Arts Faculty Member Mrs. MaryAnn Thompson

During my senior year in high school, I took my first art elective and discovered an ability that I began to develop. While in college, I majored in art and eventually wanted to share my love of art with others. My first position was in a public school in Indiana teaching...Learn more ->

Mr. Keith Sheridan

Faculty Feature Series: Meet Mathematics Faculty Member Mr. Keith Sheridan

I can really trace my love for teaching back to my own Catholic high school experience at Cardinal O’Hara. During my junior and senior years of high school, I would often explain concepts covered in class to my friends and classmates. After I was finished...Learn more->

Mrs. Deborah Snyder

Faculty Feature Series: Meet English Language Faculty Member Mrs. Deborah Snyder

I was always interested in being a teacher, even when I was a teenager. In college, I was encouraged to study business, so I did. I worked as a project director for a marketing firm for fourteen years before deciding that it was not for me. I decided to pursue my dream of teaching, and was hired at BSHS twenty one years ago (Sr. Maureen’s first hire). Learn More->