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Alumni Association

The Bishop Shanahan High School Alumni Association includes all graduates of BSHS! Membership is not necessary. The BSHS Alumni Association also has a voting Executive Board who meet during the academic year to plan fundraisers and support other BSHS alumni events. Nominees for the BSHS Alumni Association are accepted each summer in preparation of the new school year ahead. Stay tuned for more information, or email the Director of Events and Alumni Engagement, or 610-343-6238.

Executive Board

Al Fuller '88 -  President
Vicki Myles Widergren '88 -  VP
Lori Gilbert '88 - Secretary
Chris Mulhall '06 - Treasurer

Chrissy Mersereau '90
Caitlin Taylor Braun '07
Cara Divalario '16
​Maddison Fuller '16

Gina Lewis '16
Meghan Morrissey '16
Tara Morrissey '16
Vinnie Laurento '10