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Construction Begins on IHM Center!

Construction Begins on IHM Center!

On Friday, March 1, Bishop Shanahan High School held a ceremony to mark the beginning of construction on the IHM Center for Learning and Innovation. Representatives of the Soaring to New Heights campaign committee, the Connelly Foundation, Warfel Construction, Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and BSHS were present at the ceremony. The Soaring to New Heights campaign addresses the school’s strategic plans to renovate and update several different areas of campus including the former Media Center, tennis courts, gymnasium, art room, choral and instrumental spaces, and outdoor recreational space.

The IHM Center, named in honor of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, promises to be the most prominent change coming to Shanahan’s campus. It will serve as a STEM and makerspace with a central hub for collaboration across a wide range of activities, including STEM, business, community service planning, and clubs. Students will experience courses in engineering, immersion technology, robotics, and STEM-related areas of study. Technology-rich labs, presentation spaces, and collaboration areas will also support the traditional sciences as part of relevant learning experience. 

Shanahan President Reverend John E. Donia shared “We are excited to begin construction on this monumental project. The IHM Center will further enhance the school curriculum and support students in solving problems strategically, thinking critically and creatively, communicating and collaborating with others, and discovering positive group dynamics and leadership strategies.”

Fundraising for the $3 million Soaring to New Heights campaign will continue throughout the summer, with over goal funding added to the $1.7 million school endowment, which is a source of tuition assistance for students in need. 

Shanahan Director of Institutional Advancement Trish Kyle stated, "All students, current and future, will benefit from Soaring to New Heights, and we are grateful to the school community members who are making it happen." 

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