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Josh's Bench Unveiling

Group Photo from Josh's Bench Unveiling

Bishop Shanahan High School unveiled a bench that has been installed as part of the Josh’s Benches for Awareness Corporation initiative. Over 100 benches have been donated throughout the country as part of this program for mental health awareness. This bench is the first to be installed in Chester County, Pennsylvania. This opportunity was made possible through the generosity of Saint John Vianney Center’s Suicide Prevention and Awareness Collaboration. 

BSHS has a robust and growing teen mental health program. It includes a full-time mental health coordinator, faculty and staff trained in teen mental health first aid, a student-run mental health club, and public speaker events. For additional information about BSHS’ mental health program, please visit  

SJVC’s Suicide Prevention and Awareness Collaboration works to end the stigma and improve community understanding surrounding mental illness and suicide prevention through outreach, education, and advocacy.

Josh’s Benches for Awareness Corporation is a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness on mental health issues and promoting suitable resources to remove the negative stigma surrounding the receiving of help. The benches built and installed serve as physical symbols that represent the movement surrounding mental health and are also safe places for students to refer to for help. The benches are bright yellow so that whoever notices them and reads them will know that they are not alone and that there is help out there for them.

Students from the mental health awareness club reveal the new Josh's Bench
Father Donia blesses the new Josh's Bench.
Group photo from the Josh's Bench unveiling

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