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Peer Ministry

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Peer ministry is an opportunity for students to respond to their baptismal call as a servant, faith witness, and leader among their peers in events and activities at BSHS and in the community. The following courses are available for juniors / seniors.

What is Peer Ministry? It is an opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to respond to their baptismal call to be a priest (servant), prophet (faith witness) and king (leader) among their peers in youth related events and activities in Bishop Shanahan and in the community.  Peer ministers serve as leaders for ministry events, music, retreats, service pieces, and more! 

Why should I get involved? You should be a peer minister if you possess the passion and courage to strengthen and grow in your relationship with God, serve others, witness to your faith (share and spread the Good News), and to build skills to be a leader. It is noble to invest yourself in your church and community while also developing long-lasting friendships.  You will build skills and resources that will be useful for the rest of your life. 

Who can be in Peer Ministry? Peer ministers are selected from students in grades 11 and 12.  An application and interview process accompanies the selection of peer ministers each spring at the usual course selection time.  
What is expected of me? A willingness to serve, care for others, ability to interact with peers, clergy, adult ministry members and/or leaders, model Catholic values, and a desire to grow in faith. 

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Faith in Action I

In this Peer Ministry course, juniors strive to do more for Christ, sustain their prayer and sacramental lives, and become the Christ-like leaders our society needs. They learn the moral concepts and precepts that govern discipleship while investigating and engaging in practical ministry experiences at school and in the larger church. 

Specifically, students plan and execute retreats for the school and wider community, prayer services, Masses, service initiatives, and other special events throughout the school year. ​Throughout the year, students put to practice their instruction of Catholic Social Teaching by implementing campus-wide and community social justice education and charity drives. Students assume active ministerial roles to their peers and leadership roles on campus. 

faith in action i application

Faith in Action II

Through this Peer Ministry course, seniors come to an understanding of the Roman Catholic Church’s teachings on social justice and vocations. In addition, students learn the Christian theology and spirituality of retreats. Basic leadership skills in planning, organizing, and facilitating retreats to students of various grade levels at BSHS and beyond are also learned. Students use these skills to lead student facilitated and organized retreats to their peers. 

faith in action ii application