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All Catholic Choir, Band, and Orchestra

All Catholic Choir, Band, and Orchestra

Congratulations to the following Shanahan students who were named to the prestigious All Catholic Band, Choir, and Orchestra!

All Catholic Band:

  • Colin Graveley (Alto Sax)
  • Elisha Madrasto (Flute)
  • Olivia Massucci (Flute)
  • Abigail McCarthy (Bass Clarinet)
  • James Pawlowski (Trombone)
  • Raphael Reyes (Trumpet)
  • George Schaffer (Tenor Sax)
  • William Strohmetz (Alto Sax)

All Catholic Choir:

  • Maria DiMeo (Soprano 1)
  • Daniella Eggles (Soprano 1)
  • Molly Lau (Alto 2)
  • Nick Ocampo (Tenor 2)
  • Jimmy Pawlowski (Tenor 2)
  • Yvonne Wagner (Alto 1)

All Catholic Orchestra:

  • Ella Corbett (Violin)
  • Liam Corrigan (Cello)
  • Sophia DiGiovanni (Cello)
  • Daniella Eggles (Violin)

All Catholic Music Festivals is an Archdiocese of Philadelphia music program featuring high school students from the five-county region. Students must audition each year and if selected, will perform in a three-day festival under the direction of a renowned conductor. 

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