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Now is the Moment

Bishop Shanahan High School has been unwavering in its commitment to best serve the needs of students and school families since 1958. At Bishop Shanahan, we are constantly investing in the values that inspire our students to become "People of God; People for Others." Everything about us - our facilities, our programs, and our community - are reflections of the ideals that bind us. We are always striving to provide students with an unsurpassed academic experience, rich extracurricular activities, and a community that radiates the Christ-centered values of love, respect, and responsibility.

These goals are achieved by continuously embracing new strategies so that our students are prepared academically and spiritually for the challenges of tomorrow. Consequently, in 2018, Bishop Shanahan embarked on a process of taking a critical look at our school’s functions and prioritizing needs that will best position students for future success in a rapidly evolving world. This endeavor included intensive research, analysis, and input from Board members, alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and friends. The outcome of this planning process was a strategic plan that would help guide the way for our future. We now move forward in our work to provide Shanahan students with new and innovative resources to inspire their brilliance and create a future that radiates creativity, collaboration, and intellect. 

We ask you to join us as we strengthen the foundation of our school by supporting the pillars of faith, academics, athletics, arts, community, and scholarship. Our world badly needs leaders who know the meaning of community, understand the value of service, and possess the creativity to solve tomorrow’s challenges. Your investment in this campaign allow us to continue meaningful educational and formation programs, and to continue the great legacy of forming "People of God; People for Others." 

Now is the moment for Bishop Shanahan to Soar to New Heights!

Bishop Shanahan is doing a great job providing an excellent education preparing current students well to pursue their dreams beyond high school in an environment rich in Catholic values, grounded in real world global perspectives and rounded out with extensive, balanced extracurricular opportunities. The Administration is committed and dedicated to advancing the mission of BSHS through investments in the staff, the curriculum, extracurricular offerings, and constantly striving to enhance the student experience. Investing in Soaring to New Heights and the exciting IHM Center for Innovation and Creativity, new STEM facilities, athletics and the fine arts, as well as endowment, is required to advance our student collaboration, learning, and experiences while also fueling future enrollment growth which is crucial in this competitive Chester County market. We believe that Shanahan is a gem and this campaign will help it shine even brighter!


We are proud supporters of the Soaring to New Heights campaign. Having three alumni and a current junior, we know first hand how impactful a Shanahan education can be. All of our graduates received scholarships to their prospective universities but NOW with a STEM initiative and other improvements, Shanahan will be the most sought after high school in Chester County. We know this program will help our students learn, thrive, and achieve in a faith based, service oriented environment for many years to come. We are so grateful to our Shanahan community. God bless all our faculty and administrators that help our students “Seek The Things That Are Found Above!”

-STEVEN & MARYANNE MANLEY P ‘17, ‘20, ‘23, ‘25


Bishop Shanahan provided an academically rigorous and overall comprehensive high school education to our three sons. This academic rigor, coupled with our sons’ preparedness for college instruction, reaffirmed to us that Shanahan was the right choice!

As a family of engineers, we have a special appreciation for innovative workspaces and design tools like those being implemented in the new IHM Center for Innovation and Creativity. We believe that properly preparing students to tackle the technological challenges facing our rapidly changing world is a noble goal and one worthy of energy and investment. We hope that our gift to the Soaring to New Heights campaign will advance this mission and help prepare current and future Bishop Shanahan students for what lies ahead. 



We were excited to support the Soaring To New Heights campaign because of its commitment to the Arts. When we saw that both the Performing Arts AND the Creative Arts were included, we wanted to support it. Not only will the campaign create innovation space for STEM, but it will establish a dedicated space for the Creative Arts in ceramics. In Performing Arts, the addition of permanent, modern lighting to the stage will also provide an improved experience for both students and the audience. Bishop Shanahan continues to support broad options in both the Performing and Creative Arts. The investment in the future of the Arts programs through the campaign is evidence that it will continue!

-TOM & DEE MULLIN P ‘04, ‘08

Obtaining an excellent quality education is valuable, but not enough. Developing the resources, ability and discipline to employ this knowledge to deliberate and to reach logical, moral and ethical decisions is invaluable. Shanahan emphasizes and fosters both, for which we are grateful, and to which end we should add our continued encouragement and our financial support. Plus, developing added confidence in the ability to make good choices allows you to take way more chances, which makes everything much more fun.


We feel blessed that our three children were able to enjoy unique experiences with Bishop Shanahan’s excellence in the combination of academics, athletics, and the arts. We proudly support the Soaring to New Heights campaign as it will advance Shanahan in all of those areas, with a leading focus on academics with the IHM Center for Innovation and Creativity. Bishop Shanahan remains the leader in providing the most comprehensive Catholic faith-based educational experience in the region, and this campaign will further propel its excellence for generations.




The time has come for Bishop Shanahan High School to provide the resources and tools for students to unlock their potential, empowering them to Soar to New Heights! This exciting initiative will launch the school into a new era of enhancements, supporting students now and into the future.

Campaign Priorities

Inspiring Innovation & Creativity

The campaign will support the creation of a new space - the IHM Center for Innovation and Creativity and a STEM Makerspace - by repurposing the existing Media Center, Computer Resource Lab, and a portion of the academic wing.


Each year, approximately 75% of students compete in at least one sport or athletic club. Facility upgrades are needed to support current student experiences and to maintain Shanahan's competitive edge in with athletic interests.


The performing arts, visual arts, and music play an essential role in the complete development of a student’s education. According to the NGA Center for Best Practices, an arts education imparts valuable skills that will serve students in their lives and careers: observation, problem-solving, innovation, and critical thinking.

Supporting Community

The Community Pavilion will serve as an inviting setting for alumni, parents, and friends to gather for Shanahan special events, such as team banquets, senior nights, donor events, and other social or school gatherings.

Overgoal Funding: Increasing the Endowment Fund

A strong endowment is essential in supporting tuition assistance for deserving families and providing long-term sustainability for the school.


Campaign Co-Chairs
Barbara Downing P '17, '19, '21
John Morrissey P '07, '09, '12, '16

Honorary Chairs
Leo '78 and  Maryanne Parsons

Campaign Cabinet
Raymond & Marilyn Boncek, P’10,’13,’17
Robert & Liane Duncheskie, P’19,’22,’24,’27
Ann Giunta '61
Jim & Natalie Hennessy, P’11, ‘14,’16
Thomas Mullin P '04, '08
Steven and Maryanne Manley P '17, '20, '23, '25
Mike Miley '94
Gunard Travaglini P'01,'03,'05
Alfred Yudes '65



Since 1958, thousands have benefited from the thriving community of Bishop Shanahan. In order to be competitive in our educational environment, Shanahan must advance and continue our legacy of educational excellence while preparing students to be moral leaders in a global environment. 

Blessed by the Holy Spirit and the ongoing generosity of our supporters, we have cultivated a thriving school community. To build on the successes of the past and achieve even more as we move into the future, we require the support of our entire community.

Your participation is pivotal in achieving our mission of providing young men and women with an opportunity to create dynamic futures centered on a strong spiritual connection, stellar academics, and well-rounded extracurriculars. Together, we will ensure that BSHS students, for generations to come, receive the finest Catholic education possible.

Thank you for your generosity and support!