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There are many different clubs for all levels of interests ​from Academic Bowl to World UN, there's truly something for everyone!

Academic Bowl

The BSHS Academic Bowl Team competes head-to-head against other Chester County schools at monthly competitions to answer questions from all areas of knowledge! If you love learning and friendly competitions, then this club is for you.

Moderators: Mr. David McQuiston, | Stacey Ivkovich,

Ambassadors Club

The Ambassadors Club is dedicated to helping new students adjust at Shanahan, and works to develop unity within the Shanahan community. They support school activities and events by assisting guests and new students! If you enjoy being hospitable and helping others, then this club is for you. Some events include orientation days,  Grandparents Day, Designer Bag BINGO fundraiser, Christmas Craft & Gift Show, Auction fundraiser, St. Agnes Reunion, and many more!

Moderator: Sister Hannah Miller,


Aquila is the BSHS Yearbook! They provide the student body with a book of yearly memories, working diligently to capture both the students in action, and the important events of the school year. This hardworking group designs, organizes, and constructs layouts for the yearbook, focusing on a special theme each year! If you are creative, enjoy writing and/or photography, then this club is for you.

Moderator: Ms. Jennifer Scullin,

Art Club

The Art Club aims to provide its members with various opportunities for creative expression. If you are creative, enjoy sketching, drawing, painting, and even mixed media, then this club is for you. The group selects special projects to work on throughout the school year. This club also often assists the school community with scenery work for the annual school play and banners for the Battle of the Bands.

Moderator: Mrs. Mary Ann Thompson,

Bands & Ensembles

Students are welcome to the BSHS Fine Arts Department where they will find the Brass Ensemble, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Marching Band, String Ensemble, and Woodwind Ensemble.

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Bible Study (Unshaken)

Unshaken is the "Walking with Purpose" Bible study for Teen girls! This is a new club this year at Shanahan. Any girl from grades 9-12 are welcome! The club will be meeting every other Thursday after school in room 112.  They will have their first informational meeting on Thursday, September 23 after school.

Moderator: Mrs. Mary Beth Kilpatrick,

Business Club/DECA

DECA is an international business organization which prepares emerging leaders at both high school and collegiate levels in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. The BSHS DECA chapter is the 6th largest chapter in the state and the 3rd largest in District 9. It has become a popular opportunity for BSHS students to network, investigate the business world, and consider next steps, especially for those who plan to pursue business majors and careers. 

Moderator: Mrs. Teresa Dellicompagni,

Catholic Athletes Club

Catholic Athletes for Christ (CAC) are BSHS students who want to grow in the practice of their faith and share the Gospel in and through sports. The organization was formed in response to St. John Paul II's call to evangelize the world of sports. BSHS CAC do regular service projects, attend Adoration and Mass together, ​ and have opportunities to interact with CAC professional athletes and coaches.

Moderators: Mr. Robert Seefeldt,

Channel Two TV Studio

Each morning, the students of Channel 2 greet the student body with the daily announcements and sports reports. If you are interested in studying journalism or meteorology, or in becoming a news or sports caster one day, then this club will give you great exposure to that career path.

Moderator: Mr. Brett Weinhardt,

Chess Club

More information coming soon!


Students are welcome to the Fine Arts Department where they'll discover the Choral Ensemble, Festival Choirs, Mixed Chorus, "Sha-Capella," and Liturgical Choir.

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Community Service Corps

The BSHS Community Service Corps (CSC) is an organization dedicated to service throughout the Shanahan and Chester County communities. CSC members exemplify our school motto of being "People of God; People for Others," and find joy in serving their classmates, school and community through a variety of events. By providing aid and assistance to those in need, they organize monthly service projects and collections through the efforts of the exceptional members, and seek to participate in various local volunteer opportunities. The CSC at Shanahan is open to all students at all grade levels.

Moderator: Sister Christina Roberts,

Environmental Stewardship Club

The Environmental Stewardship Club is dedicated to the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices. They participate in different service projects such as tree plantings, and also sell special items made by the club at the Christmas Craft & Gift Show each year.

Moderator: Ms. Corinne Alfano,


The Forensics team takes part in a variety of oral communication competitions. Students research, develop, practice, and deliver their performances which include speeches, interpretations or dramatizations of literature, and congress sessions.

Moderators: Mr. Ken Schmidt, | Andrea Herb,

French Club

The French Club is meant to give all Shanahan students, particularly those who study French, a chance to learn more about the culture. The club also participates in special club-selected service projects and field trips. Last year the club purchased a llama for a farming family in need and visited the Philadelphia Art Museum.

Italian Club

The Italian club is meant to familiarize the student body with the Italian Culture and language while promoting global cooperation and appreciation. Each year they hold a Carnevale Dance!

Moderator: Ms. Joanna Catanzaro,


If you like Math and teamwork, then this is the club for you. High School students in the Archdiocese meet once per month at various high schools to compete in a three-round competition dealing with various areas in Mathematics. Each member can have a feeling of accomplishment due to his or her academic efforts.

Moderator: Mr. Keith Sheridan,

Ministry Club

The Ministry Club plays an essential role in the religious events that take place within the school community. As members, students will contribute as servers, readers, and gift bearers for school and class liturgies and may lead student pray. They will also be responsible for preparing the stage and altar, and for making sure that all the sacramentals that are needed for liturgy are clean and ready.

Moderator: Father William Chiriaco,

Mock Trial

In Mock Trial, students portray lawyers or witnesses in a case prepared by the Young Lawyers Division of the PA Bar Association.  They act out a trial as either the defense or the  prosecution/plaintiff in realistic court situations. Club meetings are times to prepare for these competitions, and often lawyers will come and speak to the class to share their expertise. If you are considering a career in law, then this is a great club for you.

Photography Club

The photography club promotes the art and science of photography with an emphasis on nature study and photographic technique. The club often takes trips around Chester County (such as to Longwood Gardens) to experiment with their craft or to pursue a special club project.

Moderator: Ms. Stephanie Belefonte,

Respect Life Club

The Respect Life Club at Bishop Shanahan is an organization of faculty and students whose mission is to uphold the dignity of human life.  They promote the dignity of the elderly, the family, teenagers, the unborn, and many others who are often lost or forgotten by society.  The Respect Life Club prayerfully participates in the monthly Vigil for Life every first Saturday of the month at St. Agnes in West Chester and at the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Moderator: Mr. Joseph Aquilante,

Science Research Club

All are welcome to the Science Research Club! There will be many different roles to fill! 20 student projects will participate in a virtual Chester County Science Research Competitions. Some projects will move on to the Delaware Valley Science Fair!


Shanaviews is the student-led newspaper of BSHS! Its goal is to spread the news about school community events, activities and achievements, and to report on local and world events.

Moderator: Mrs. Deborah Snyder,

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club provides an additional enrichment experience for students who are interested in the geography, customs, and culture of the Spanish speaking countries. Members will be introduced to the food, music, dance, and the everyday life of the people. 

Moderator: Mrs. Katherine Smink |

Student Council

The purpose of the Student Council is to support the mission of the school. It is a great way to get involved in the school community. Whether it is through dances, community service, or expressions of faith, the student body becomes united through the numerous events that Student Council sponsors.

Moderator: Ms. Christina Mersereau |

World Affairs Club Club/Model U.N.

The World Affairs Club at Bishop Shanahan High School is composed of students who are interested in International Affairs, including economic, social, political, and environmental importance. Some club members participate in external World Affairs events such as the model United Nations each year.

Moderator: Ms. Courtney Cary |