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Guidance Office

students standing arm in arm outside of school building

The Guidance program at Bishop Shanahan High School is concerned with the spiritual, educational, emotional and social development of all students. A basic assumption of this program is that all individuals, from time to time, may require guidance assistance. The guidance department offers the following services: academic and career/vocation counseling, personal counseling, support groups, parental consultation, and referral to outside specialists when appropriate.

Students and parents are encouraged to contact their counselor to answer questions about academic progress, social/emotional concerns, activity participation, or overall adjustment to Bishop Shanahan. The Guidance Office believes that proactive responses are key to a student’s well-being and academic success. Counselors act as the first line of defense in assisting students and families and sometimes determining if a student needs additional services.


Student Assistance Program (SAP)

In addition to the regular counseling services available to the students, the Guidance Department also provides the services of a Student Assistance Program (S.A.P.). Bishop Shanahan’s S.A.P. Team is an outgrowth of the state-wide Student Assistance Program, and works in cooperation with Rehab After Work and School of Exton. The S.A.P. Team includes faculty members, guidance counselors, and administration. The S.A.P. Team seeks to identify students who may be at risk and provides those students and their families with appropriate sources of assistance.

Contact Information

Mrs. Janis Michels

Titles: Freshmen Students
Phone Numbers:
School: 610-518-1300 ext. 6258

Sister Maureen Peter O'Connor, IHM

Titles: Sophomore Students
Phone Numbers:
School: 610-518-1300 ext. 6203

Mrs. Mary Kate Sabatino

Titles: Mental Health Coordinator, Student Assistance Program Coordinator
Phone Numbers:
School: 610-518-1300 ext. 6266

Mrs. Beth Saggers

Titles: Director of Guidance, Senior and Junior Students, Technical College High School Liaison
Phone Numbers:
School: 610-518-1300 ext. 6202

Mrs. Marie Weyback

Titles: Director of College Advising, Registrar~Transcripts
Phone Numbers:
School: 610-518-1300 ext. 6242