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School bus in front of school

​Vital transportation information is included below.
For questions, please contact the Student Services Office.

Mrs. Carnation Karros
Titles: Attendance Officer
Phone Numbers: 610-518-1300 ext. 6205

Act 372 Forms

Inclement Weather Dismissal Information

During the school year, there may be times when Bishop Shanahan will close as a result of weather related conditions. Bishop Shanahan is serviced by multiple school districts and the decision to have a weather related early dismissal will be made by the school districts, and students will be dismissed in accordance with their district decision. The students will be transported by their school districts at the time determined by the buses arriving at Bishop Shanahan. If it is determined that student drivers should be dismissed at a time earlier than their school district dismissal you will receive notification via School Messenger.

Bishop Shanahan encourages parents to visit for emergency closing information. In the event that school may be closed because of an emergency or because of inclement weather, parents will be sent a message through School Messenger.

If your student drives to school or is driven to school, parents should have completed the appropriate form to inform the school of their requested transportation arrangements in the event of a weather related early dismissal.

In the event of a weather related early dismissal, all phone calls for a student to leave the building earlier than their school district time should be made to 610-343-6243. This line is only checked on the days of weather related early dismissal situations.


The Bus Loop

​The Bus loop refers to the driveway immediately in front of the school where we have reserved space for school buses to safely pick-up and drop off students and then safely exit the parking lot back onto Woodbine Road.  We ask that vehicles for student pick up/drop off NOT attempt to drive through the bus loop during those times as this causes congestion and may lead to potential hazard.
We have established the following times to safely and efficiently dismiss students from Bishop Shanahan High School onto school buses:

-2:45PM – BSHS Dismissal
-2:52PM – 2 minute Warning, Bus HORN blast. (8 minutes after dismissal bell)
-2:55PM – Buses depart for the day (10 minutes after dismissal bell)

School Districts Information

The following school districts provide busing to BSHS students: Coatesville, Downingtown, Great Valley, Owen J. Roberts, Phoenixville Area, Tredyffrin/Easttown, Twin Valley, Unionville-Chaddsford, West Chester Area.

Parents of resident non-public school students who require transportation services will submit an Act 372 form to the Transportation Department annually. Please click here, view forms, and select your school district to complete the appropriate form by their designated date. 2023-2024 forms will be uploaded in late spring/early summer of 2023.

Parent Pick-up Lane

The Parent Pick-up/Drop Off refers to the lane next to the Bus Loop and can be accessed directly from the second entrance on the right coming from Rt. 30 from Woodbine Road.  Cars wait in a line, usually two vehicles wide in the lane, beginning on the curb nearest to the Football field and filling in towards Woodbine Road.  We ask that Parents and relatives picking up/dropping off students use only this lane except in cases of emergency. 

Faculty Parking Lot

The faculty parking lot refers to the lot space immediately next to the stadium and tennis courts.  ONLY Faculty is permitted to drive on this lot.  This lot is off limits to students from 7:00am until 7:00pm, Monday – Friday.  Parents are asked NOT to use this lot for student pick-ups.  Additionally, Team Buses will often be directed to this lot for the safety of visiting students and to keep the regular parking areas free as they wait for matches to conclude.

Student Parking Privilege

The Student Parking Areas are the large parking area next to the Parent Pick-up Lane going away from the school and the lot behind the school next to the stadium. We work to ensure that every Senior student who requests a parking space is accommodated. Junior students who wish to obtain a parking space may apply and are put into a lottery for the available spaces. Sophomore and Freshmen students are not awarded a parking space due to a limited number of spaces on the campus.

Good Neighbors

We are called to be good stewards to our environment which includes the members of the Downingtown community that live in the neighborhood just behind the school.  To this end, students who drive must become familiar with streets around the school that they may and those on which they may not drive.

Technical College High School (TCHS) Shuttle

A Daily Shuttle to and from Technical College High School (TCHS), Brandywine Campus, is provided in partnership with local school districts taking one of the many courses offered to BSHS students.