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Bishop Shanahan Students

Our Admissions Office is open year round to assist your family with the enrollment process. Please feel free to get in touch with us at or 610-343-6206.

What's Coming Up?

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Bishop Shanahan is more than just a high school.  It is an experience that offers young men and women an educational journey of academic excellence, rich extracurricular opportunities, and a community that radiates the Christ-centered values of love, respect and responsibility.

Our Admissions team is ready to help guide your family through the application process and can be contacted at 610-343-6206 or

Academic Excellence

Since 1958, Bishop Shanahan High School has educated young men and women to emerge as confident scholars and able leaders. This is achieved by a well-designed academic program of rigorous courses that promote critical thinking, collaboration and innovation. Learn more about the BSHS Academic Program.

Robust Student Life

Shanahan students are encouraged to explore a wide variety of interests and extra-curricular activities.  Athletics, fine arts, STEM, forensics, and student government are just a few of the many opportunities that make the high school experience unique for every student.  This is a community that has something for everyone! Learn more about BSHS Student Life.

Community through Faith

Shanahan students are socially responsive, ethical Christian people, who embrace a commitment to serving others as a result of their formation as "People of God and People for Others."  Christ-centered values unify the school community and empower Shanahan students to confidently meet the challenges of a world rapidly evolving. Learn more about BSHS Ministry. 

5 Things to Consider

Choosing a high school is a life-changing decision. Think through these questions honestly to determine what will work best for you and your family.



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Just a few questions before we can get you your High School Decision Guide.
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