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Considering a Catholic Education


Sheila Doherty, Alumni Parent '19, '21

"As parents of four children in a wonderful school district, we had planned to save money and send our kids to public high school. We even enrolled our eldest daughter, Fiona. However, breaking from our Catholic school tradition just wasn’t sitting right with us so we made a summer switch to Bishop Shanahan just in time for freshman year.

Boy, are we glad!  

Bishop Shanahan is everything we hoped it would be for Fiona. She spent her teenage years in a school with kids who share our family’s values and where it’s rewarding to challenge yourself. She enjoyed honors and AP classes along with the camaraderie of the Swim Team. Her brother, Noel, followed suit and enjoyed Bishop Shanahan’s amazing Fall Musicals and being a member of Student Council. 

Both of our 'Shanakids' had tremendous school spirit and feel proud and privileged to be Bishop Shanahan alumni. You can’t put a price tag on happy, healthy teenagers!"

Brigid Jensen '05

"I entered high school with the aspiration of becoming a scientific journalist to describe breakthroughs in layman’s terms for the general public. The high caliber of academics at Bishop Shanahan, particularly in math and science, enabled me to obtain a scholarship to a high-ranking undergraduate university where I majored in Molecular Biology, and ultimately a top-tier university for graduate school where I obtained a PhD in Neuroscience.

​While my professional goals shifted to a purely research-oriented career, my involvement in the advanced English courses and editorial staff of Shanaviews still influence me routinely during scientific manuscript and grant writing, editing, and formatting processes. While at Shanahan, I participated in diverse extracurricular activities ranging from the band, chorus and musicals, to the track and tennis teams. Through these I developed friendships with multiple groups of students, fostered a lifelong passion for music, and encouraged the continuous pursuit of an active lifestyle."


  • University of Pittsburgh, BS 2009
  • University of Pennsylvania, PhD 2015
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Jefferson Weinberg ALS Center - Thomas Jefferson University
  • KYW Women's Achievement Awards Honoree, 2019